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Experience the world’s only opportunity to descend into the heart of a massive volcano, a journey towards the center of the earth.
Hike glaciers in a Super Jeep, explore breathtaking ice caves, and breathe the purest air.
We’ve crafted this Iceland adventure just for women, with authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences

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October 26–November 1


7 days/ 6 nights


Group Max. 12 women 

There are incredible places all over the world,

but the landscapes in Iceland will leave you so awestruck that they'll etch unforgettable memories in your mind.


I could tell you that Iceland ranks number one in gender equality globally, is the third happiest country, and that the people are so wonderful they don't even need any army.  Those reasons alone are enough to make you want visit and soak up their culture and way of life.

But there's more. Traveling to Iceland is like discovering a whole new world. It's nature in its purest form– volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, and fjords.

And come fall 2024, experts say it'll be the best time in 20 years to witness the Northern Lights in all their glory.

I am not waiting another two decades to experience this. How about you?


Shared Wisdom

A journey through Iceland for women organized by expert local women. Makes sense, right? That’s why we have the amazing Saga. She empowers women through immersive travel experiences, offering opportunities for self-transformation and genuine connections. A true Viking woman, Saga will take us to the most authentic spots only locals know about.

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Beyond the Typical

Social media has made Iceland’s "hidden gems" not so hidden anymore. But our entire itinerary and activities are designed to steer clear of the touristy spots, letting you experience the true essence of the country away from the crowds.


Otherworldly Landscapes

No one can promise you'll see the Northern Lights (though it's highly likely since this is the best time in the last 20 years), but one thing is certain: we’ll become one with nature. Cross rivers, ascend mountains in Super Jeeps, explore a dormant volcano, and marvel at spectacular ice caves. Relax in natural hot springs, nestled in unspoiled nature away from the crowds, with majestic mountains and black beaches as our backdrop.

ice cave 2.png

One of the most valuable things I learned was that I can be happy once more. I would absolutely contemplate traveling with them again.

It was an incredible experience, where I felt a renewed sense of freedom, relaxation, and optimism for the future.

Christina Eckhoff, DEU

I loved all of it!

Relaxed structure, there was enough to do and I always felt included but never pressured.

Besides the normal vaca refresh, I took a lot of beautiful experiences and I appreciate that we spent time checking in

Michelle D.T, USA

I had many great learning experiences and the organizers did a fantastic job of bringing everything together to create special memories that will last a lifetime.


Thank you.

Marley Raether, USA


Exploring Iceland is like diving into the heart of the Earth, where every step brings you face-to-face with the beauty of nature in its wildest form.

These are just some of the experiences we’ll have in Iceland.

Imagine yourself there for a moment...

group of women.png

We’re going to explore these incredible waterfalls and geysers, but not just any way. Our local guide knows all the secret spots. We’ll take this hidden route that lets us enjoy these natural wonders almost all to ourselves. It’s not about missing out on the beauty but experiencing it in a way that’s so much more special and personal."


A journey towards the center of the earth. 

Enter Þríhnúkagígur volcano and descend into the only accessible lava chamber on planet Earth.

What awaits you down there is truly magnificent.

ice cave 2.png

Think about walking on a glacier, with these cinematic landscapes all around you. Glaciers stretching as far as the eye can see, massive ice walls towering above you, and entering this magical blue and black ice dome. It’s like stepping into a movie scene.

You won’t believe how breathtaking it is!

heli 2.png

Now, this is something else—flying over an erupting volcano in a helicopter! It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see nature's raw power up close. And don't worry, it’s totally safe and comfortable.

Note that eruptions are natural events and may not be active during your visit—if not, we'll offer alternative adventures.


Picture yourself soaking in these amazing hot springs, far away from the tourist crowds. We’re talking about eight natural hot springs that flow right into the ocean, surrounded by stunning mountains and black sandy beaches. It's such a unique and authentic experience. Forget the overcrowded ones everyone talks about—these are the hidden gems every solo female traveler dreams of.


Woman, you have to imagine exploring Þórsmörk in a thrilling 4x4 Super Jeep! As we hike, you'll be blown away by the views over Þórsmörk, the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, and the highlands. We’ll even hike up to Gígjökull glacier to see where the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption happened and breathe in that crisp, purifying glacial air. It's going to be epic!


Day 2:

Into the Volcano and Hot Springs Soak

After a yummy breakfast at the hotel, we'll meet our amazing guide, Saga, who will be with us throughout the trip. 

In the morning, we’ll explore Þríhnúkagígur, the only place on Earth where you can descend into a dormant volcano and safely roam its massive lava chamber. Trust me, it’s an experience you won't forget.


All that excitement is bound to make us hungry, so we’ll head to a cozy mountain refuge where they'll prepare traditional Icelandic lamb soup, along with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to warm us up.

From the volcano, Saga will guide us to the Hvammsvík hot springs, a natural oasis away from the crowded spots near the city. It’s the perfect place to relax and soak in the beauty of Iceland.


When our fingers are wrinkled from all the soaking, we'll head back to our Reykjavik hotel in our private transport. Want to explore the city on your own? Go for it!


Daily inclusions: Local guide all day (plus me!), breakfast, Inside the Volcano tour (including all safety gear), light lunch, Hvammsvík Hot Springs Classic admission, all transportation and parking fees, and accommodation at Saga Reykjavik 4* Hotel.


Day 1:
Sæll! (Hello women!)


Hey there, solo travelers! Our Iceland adventure kicks off in Reykjavik, the vibrant capital.


We'll settle into our charming hotel in the old town, then gather for a delightful afternoon tea to finally meet face-to-face and get to know each other.

Later, we'll have a date with a local food guide who will take us to some of the most delicious local spots, the hidden gems only locals know about. You'll experience the city like a true Icelander!


Daily inclusions: welcome tea, food walk tour (dinner), and accommodation at Saga Reykjavik 4* Hotel.


Day 3:
Climbing Mountains and Glaciers
in 4x4 Super Jeeps

After a hearty breakfast (we won’t go hungry!), Saga will lead us straight to Þórsmörk, a valley and mountain range nestled between glaciers—nothing you've seen before compares!

We’ll hop into Super Jeeps waiting for us, ready to cross rivers and climb glaciers. 

Buckle up and enjoy this fun and thrilling way to explore Iceland's stunning landscapes.

No need to worry about food today because we’ll be dining in the great outdoors with views better than any Michelin-starred restaurant.


After all that adventure, who wouldn’t want a hot shower and a tasty dinner? We’ll head to the incredible UMI Hotel, a dreamy spot in nature where we can unwind in the sauna, relax, and rejuvenate in luxury.


Daily inclusions: guide all day (plus me!), breakfast, 5-hour Super Jeep 4x4 excursion, light lunch, all transportation and parking fees, and accommodation at UMI 4* Hotel.


Day 4:
Ice Caves That Feel Like Another World and Iceland's Most Charming Town

Ever had breakfast with views of a glacier and a volcano?

If not, today’s your chance!

After this fantastic breakfast, Saga will take us to Vik, a charming coastal village, surrounded by the best South Coast scenery.


Today, we’ll venture off the beaten path to find the most breathtaking ice caves on the planet, atop a volcano covered by a glacier.


Not feeling as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger after a protein shake? no worries, this excursion is doable for anyone in average physical condition.


After spending the morning exploring the ice caves, we’ll head back to Vik to enjoy our next dreamy hotel, Kria Hotel. 

This afternoon, you can rest, explore Vik on your own, or chase the Northern Lights as night falls. It’s up to you!

Daily inclusions: guide all day (plus me!), breakfast, 3-hour ice cave excursion, all transportation and parking fees, and accommodation at Kria Hotel in Vik 4*.


Day 5:
Living Like an Icelander: Country Life and Epic Waterfalls

Today, Saga will take us to some of the most spectacular spots in the area—we’ll visit black beaches, stunning cliffs, and the most impressive waterfalls.


After lunch, we’ll visit an Icelandic friend’s farm to see what life is like for a farmer in Iceland today. We’ll have a lovely afternoon snack with her and her family at this beautiful farm, Icelandic-style.


In the evening, we’ll return to Reykjavik and settle back into our charming hotel.

Daily inclusions: Local guide all day (plus me!), breakfast, full day of sightseeing, local friend's farm visit & afternoon coffee/tea and home-baked goods, all transportation and parking fees, and accommodation at Saga Reykjavik 4* Hotel.

local farm Iceland.jpeg

Day 6:
Unleash Your Inner Viking: Explore, Fly, and Experience Magic

Today, we've got a free morning, and it's all about choices.

If you're up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can hop on a helicopter ride over Iceland (totally optional).

If the volcano is erupting, you'll get to see it from the sky! Talk about a breathtaking view.

For those who prefer to stay grounded, take your time exploring the city, visit the famous Hot Springs, or simply relax and soak in the vibes.

We'll regroup after lunch and head to the Golden Circle. Get ready to be amazed by the most spectacular geysers, waterfalls, and craters.

Now, I know the Golden Circle is a popular spot, but we've planned something special to make sure we almost have it all to ourselves. Curious? Well, you'll have to join us to find out. Let's just say our lovely guide, Saga, has some secret tricks up her sleeve.

On our way back to the city, we'll wrap up our last night together with a fabulous dinner at a unique restaurant nestled in nature. We're going all out, Viking-style!

Daily inclusions: Local guide all day (plus me!), breakfast, Golden Circle secret tour, Viking gourmet dinner, all transportation and parking fees, and accommodation at Saga Reykjavik 4* Hotel.


Day 7:
See you later, Iceland


After breakfast, it'll be time to say our "see you laters." Let's hug it out and celebrate the dreamy days and the amazing bond we've created in one of the most stunning countries on Earth.

Daily inclusions: breakfast.


Would you like to be here and experience the magic of Iceland? Stop imagining, it can be real now.

"No man is more complete than the one who has traveled extensively, who has changed his way of thinking and living twenty times."

–Alphonse Lamartine, writer, poet, and politician


Requirements to join our trip:



We’re here to have a great time. Your energy impacts the group, so we want people ready to have fun, who understand the importance of teamwork, and who are open to making new friends.



Nothing is permanent, everything changes, and you need to be open to the unexpected. We’re looking for people who understand that both the planned and unplanned moments will add magic to our trip. Are you coming with an open mind?



Both our local guide Saga and I will be there for anything you need, and our goal is to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. That said, we’re looking for autonomous women who understand that we’re all part of the group. There’s no "staff" on this trip—no one will be carrying anyone else’s bags.

What Does This Trip to Iceland Offer You?

Connection with nature

Feel and experience a connection to the earth like never before.

What’s Included in Your Iceland Adventure
We want to ensure clarity on what is included in your trip to Iceland:


Personalised Design and Accompaniment

The Value of the Experience

Our Viking adventure includes the companionship and guidance of women who will be your guides and trip coordinators. They bring invaluable local knowledge and a unique perspective, ensuring you have an enriching and safe experience.


The local guide Saga, has extensive knowledge and passion for her homeland and will unveil the hidden gems of Icelandic culture and environment. Saga's mission is to empower women through immersive travel experiences, providing opportunities for self-transformation and meaningful connections.

You'll also be accompanied by Aina, the travel coordinator and founder of The Women Travel Co. With years of travel industry experience and a deep passion for exploring the world, Aina will enrich your journey by sharing her wealth of knowledge about global travel.  (110).jpg

Experiences and activities

  • Local Food Tour

  • Inside the Volcano Experience

  • Hvammsvík Hot Springs (Classic Experience)

  • Super Jeep Excursion (full day)

  • Ice Cave Tour (half day)

  • Waterfalls, Cliffs, and Beaches Guided Route on the South Coast

  • Visit, chat, and have a snack with an Icelandic farm woman.

  • Secret Route Through the Golden Circle

  • Gourmet Viking Farewell Dinner


Your beauty sleep

We believe that where you rest your head is a crucial part of any adventure. There's nothing like a hot, soothing shower after a busy day, a beautiful and comfortable room, and a dreamy breakfast to start your day right.

Here's what you can look forward to on your trip:

  • 4 nights at the luxurious Hotel Reykjavic Saga 4*, in a Superior category room.

  • 1 night at the charming Hotel UMI 4*, in a Standard room with stunning mountain or sea views.

  • 1 night at the elegant Hotel KRIA 4*, in a Superior room with breathtaking mountain views.

*Rooms are shared with a fellow woman traveller unless you opt for a private room (additional charges apply).

Other Must-have inclusions in our Viking Adventure:

F28EB06C-6A7B-486B-B03C-369E8F7DCEA8_1_105_c (1).jpeg

From the moment we meet at the hotel on the first day until our farewells on the last, all your transportation needs are covered. Our entire route will be comfortably navigated in a Mercedes mini-bus driven by Saga.

*Since each of us will have different arrival and departure times, please note that airport transfers from and to the airport are not included.

KyanaSue-6828 (1).jpg

We understand the joy of flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to choose your meals as we go, allowing us to be spontaneous and dine wherever we fancy.

However, we’ve included some:
all breakfasts, some light lunches, a local food tour (1st day dinner), and the Farewell dinner on the last night together.

Not included and optional


To keep things flexible, the following are not included and are optional:

  • International flights.

  • Meals not specified above

  • Volcano Helicopter tour on the last day

  • Personal expenses

  • Tips (not expected in Iceland)

  • Anything not mentioned in the daily inclusions section.

I'd love to join this unforgettable adventure in Iceland

What are the next steps?

Women-only Group Trip to Iceland
26th October 26th- 1st November 
VAT and all taxes included
Private room option +1165€

A Unique, Designer-Crafted Journey

Personalised Guidance and Expertise

No Middlemen, direct bookings keep costs down and value high

Selective Group: Travel with like-minded women who share your interests and values

All inclusions mentioned above

​Watch the video and fill out the quick form 

to access the discovery interview.

We’re not Travel Agents,

but Travel Curators

We’re not your typical travel agency. We design travel experiences. Think of us as your personal travel advisor, here to help you explore Iceland beyond the usual tourist spots.

What We Offer:

  • Expert Planning: We craft unique trips tailored to women, ensuring each journey is unforgettable.

  • Direct Handling: No middlemen here! Your money goes straight to local guides, hotels, and vendors, making a real impact.

  • Immersive Experiences: Dive deep into Iceland's culture and landscapes with activities that go off the beaten path.

We're transparent,

and so are our budgets



"A dream changes nothing, a decision changes everything."

- Megan Maxwell, Spanish novelist.

Now it's your turn to decide—will you be one of the select 12 women to explore Iceland in a unique way, or will it remain just a dream?


Watch the video and fill out the form.

This isn't a commitment; it just helps us understand if this trip aligns with your expectations. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible.


We'll reach out to schedule a 20-minute discovery session via video call. This fun chat will answer your questions, share exciting details about the trip, and help you decide if this adventure is right for you.


If we feel a connection and you fit the profile of our ideal traveller, you'll move forward with your reservation to secure your spot.


Do I have to get a visa for Iceland?

As of 2024, Icelandic citizens can travel to 185 countries and territories without a visa or with visa-on-arrival for up to 90 days. Please check official sources to confirm your passport's eligibility before planning your trip.

What's included in the trip?

Almost everything is included in the price of this trip, so you won’t need to spend much extra money. However, we’ve left some flexibility in the meal plans to give you the freedom to choose. While some lunches and most dinners will be your responsibility, you'll have plenty of options to explore local cuisine. Alcoholic beverages, gratuities (although tipping is not customary in Iceland), and personal expenses like souvenirs or massages at the hot springs are not included. Please check the "Inclusions" section for a detailed day-by-day breakdown.

Can you adapt to vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free diets?

The trip will cater to all food allergies and dietary requirements.

How fit do I need to be for this trip?

This trip does not require any minimum level of fitness and all almost all conditions are welcome. However, while the trip isn't overly strenuous, you should be in good physical shape to stay active for several hours a day, walk, and move with some agility. If you have any special conditions, please inform us, and we'll see if we can adapt the experience for you.

Can I have a room to myself?

All prices shown are per person. If you prefer more privacy and a private room, you should choose the "private room" option.

I want to bring my partner on the trip. Can I?

This is actually a small group trip specifically designed for women traveling on their own. However, if you'd like to bring a female friend, partner, or family member, they are absolutely welcome! Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate male travelers on our trips.

I want to bring my daughter. Can I?

If your daughter is above the age of 18, we would be thrilled to have her join us.

How Does This Trip Benefit the Locals?

We don't work with intermediaries. Instead, we directly hire guides, book hotels, and arrange activities. This means 100% of your investment goes straight to the people who make this trip possible and ensure its success.

What should I pack for this adventure?

Visiting in October means preparing for colder weather. We'll discuss this in more detail during our pre-trip video call, but generally, you'll need warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes, and layered outfits. If you want to ensure your outfit will be suitable for possible rain and wind, you can always rent clothing there. We'll help you with this if needed.

What happens if I get sick?

We understand that getting sick while traveling alone in a foreign country can be worrisome. That's why we require all our guests to have comprehensive travel and medical insurance that includes international evacuation. In the unlikely event that you fall sick during the trip, we will take you to the nearest medical facility so you can receive the necessary care. Additionally, one of our local partner staff will be there to assist you with translations and anything else you may need.

What travel and medical insurance should I get?

When travelling to Iceland, ensuring you have comprehensive travel and medical insurance is absolutely essential. Double-check that your policy has your back for any unexpected twists and turns during your Icelandic adventure! We recommend that you book your insurance at the same time as you book your airfare, and after the retreat is confirmed by reaching the minimum number of participants.

What Airport do I fly into?

You will fly into Keflavík International Airport (KEF), the main international airport in Iceland. One of the best parts about this adventure is how incredibly easy it is to get to Iceland. Whether you come from US or EU. For example, the flight duration from the United States to Iceland varies depending on your departure city. Typically, a direct flight from New York City to Keflavík International Airport (KEF) takes approximately 5 to 6 hours. From the West Coast, flights generally take between 8 to 9 hours.

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