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  • As an experienced yogi, will I be challenged no matter the level of ability among your fellow attendees?
    No matter your level of experience as a yogi, our experienced instructors will ensure you’re given the personalized attention and instruction needed to push yourself while still being supported. Our expert teachers have been carefully selected so that even among different levels of practitioners in one space, everyone is guaranteed an inspiring and challenging practice. With optional specialized workshops on offer for both advanced or beginner yoga-enthusiasts alike, we guarantee no guest will be left behind!
  • Can I arrive earlier or leave after the retreat?
    Usually yes. Let us know and we will put you in contact with the venue to get booked directly with them.
  • Can I drink alcohol in a yoga retreat?
    Alcohol beverages are not included in the meals, but at some venues It is available at an additional cost. We will never tell you what you can or can't do. Yoga is about freedom so at our retreats you can do whatever it feels right to do. Actually, enjoying a glass of something special can be part of your retreat experience, why not. We trust that you will make mindful and moderate decisions when consuming alcohol, so as to maximize the benefits from your yoga journey.
  • Can I come alone?
    Attendance alone is welcome - no need to worry if you're attending solo. Our yoga breaks are the perfect place for solo travellers who crave a peaceful yet social experience. Enjoy alone time and make new friends in an accepting environment filled with like-minded individuals!
  • What kind of food do you serve in your retreats?
    Our retreats offer an array of vegetarian cuisine. We are also able to provide special meals that meet any dietary needs you may have.
  • Do you need to be an experienced yogi?
    Absolutely not. Our retreats are a sanctuary for all abilities - with experienced teachers providing the perfect balance of challenge and growth. Whether you're already versed in yoga or taking your first steps, our range of offerings will help take you to the next level. To ensure that everyone gets maximum benefit from their experience we'd recommend trying out some classes prior to attending.
  • What is the structure of a yoga retreat?
    All retreats offer two yoga classes daily in the morning and evening. In general the morning class is more dynamic and the evening class is more gentle and restorative. Often also include other optional elements such as meditation, breath-work workshops, coaching sessions, sound therapy, guided walks and may include a cultural activities or excursions.
  • Are all meals included?
    Our retreats come with the perfect culinary package – breakfast included and most available as full or half board. And if you'd like to venture out for lunch or dinner, you are absolutely free to go. Please refer to what's included.
  • Shall I get a travel insurance?
    To ensure the utmost safety for all guests, please come prepared with comprehensive travel insurance that meets your needs - from medical expenses to personal belongings, flights, and Covid protection. Make sure you are covered in case of delays, cancellations or if a test comes back positive so neither time nor money is wasted on this once-in-a-lifetime trip! Travel can be unpredictable and unfortunate things happen, but that doesn't mean it has to cost you everything. We highly recommend travel insurance because even though the expense is minimal, having coverage in case of an emergency could save your wallet a huge headache. That's why we mandate this precaution for everyone making trips with us - peace of mind just isn't worth skimping on!
  • Travel and transfers to retreats
    Travel is not included, you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements, whether that be flights, trains, bus or car journeys. If getting to the venue is not easy at all, we will arrange airport transfers for the group, please refer to the listing of what's included to check it. We can help with the Transfers at an additional cost, ask us.
  • Payment plan
    3 parts payment plan is available at payment & check out.
  • How many people will be in the retreat?
    Our retreats come in a variety of sizes, ranging from intimate gatherings with 10-16 guests. We prioritize small groups so that you can enjoy an immersive and enriching experience!
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