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A new place, a new beginning.


As I zip up my suitcase and head out on my travels, I wonder what lies ahead.


What will I learn? Who will I meet? How will I grow?

My suitcase is filled with dreams and doubts, curiosities and fears. Each destination will unwrap a little more, revealing hidden parts of myself.


With wide eyes and open arms I will embrace every moment, knowing life is not what happens at home, but what happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

I may leave with a heart heavy with sorrow, or jittery with anxiety, but I will return with a spirit alive with joy.


My lonely moments will be enveloped in the warm company of fellow wanderers. And the restless nights soothed by the melody of a foreign language.

This journey will not just be stamped on my passport, but imprinted on my soul. It will teach me that differences are gifts and barriers are illusions.

That people, places, cultures are not so far apart when you look at them with the same light in your eyes.

I will unpack wiser for the learning, fuller from the sharing, and richer for the cultures woven into the tapestry of my life.

The woman who left may not be the woman who returns. But the seeds of change were always nestled here, waiting for the winds of adventure to help them grow.

Now I set forth with an open heart, an eager mind and a zest for the unfamiliar.
The world awaits, and so does my new beginning.


Aina Mediavilla 


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