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Life is short. And there are wonders that the world has to offer.
They're here, waiting to be explored, waiting to be experienced.


Now is your time to enjoy one!


If you're here now, on this page, I trust it's for a reason.

You’re imagining what might be possible. And I promise, what’s possible is even more than you can imagine. 

If you are a seasoned lone traveler, or totally new to heading off for your own adventures, we’ve discovered what happens when we come together at our destination. 

 With other amazing women, we form bonds and a togetherness that infuses our travel with adventure, shared experiences, and so much joy!


You won’t regret it for a moment.

And once you’ve come once, you’ll find it is so special, so remarkable, you’ll want to come again.

New places, new adventures, new family – each and every time. 


If you’re not ready quite yet, join our email list below, where each week you’ll receive a window into what’s waiting for you: 

Exotic destinations, brave women who have explored the world against all odds, empowerment, and insights to inspire you to travel wherever your heart desires, without waiting for anyone.


All by women and for women.


Full disclosure – I will also try to convince you to join us on our travels, just so you know.


It’s how we share this love, freedom and possibility with the world.

But if all you do is read them, you’ll already be journeying to new places. And we’ll be delighted for that. 

If you want to join the many women who follow these journeys, just sign up below. 


We can’t wait to see you next!

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