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To ensure your subscription is accepted:

Open the email that the server just sent you. It's titled "no-reply" and looks like this.

confirm your subscription.png

Simply click the link sent to your email, and you're all set.

This makes sure no one can sign you up with a fake email (strange but true) or that a typo in your email doesn't prevent our messages from reaching you – that'd be a shame.

Check your inbox; the email should be right there, unless it's wandering the virtual cosmos.

Found it? Great!

Click the link to confirm your subscription. It's that easy.


- Check your spam folder, as well as the "Social" and "Promotions" sections.
If you find me there, move me to your inbox, the main one.

- If you access your email through a client like Apple Mail or have an address, it's common for this message to be automatically deleted and never reach you. I recommend not using it, especially Apple Mail, @icloud, and

- Sign up again and pay special attention to the email address.
It's very common for this issue to be caused by a mistake when typing the email address.

- If this doesn't work, save me in your email manager's contact list
→ Name: Aina Mediavilla, email:, and wait a few minutes.

- If you used a corporate email address, like, the problem is on your end and the best solution is to sign up with your personal email address. You can also try asking your company's IT department to properly configure the mail server.

- If none of that works, be patient. It usually arrives within a few minutes, but during peak times it can take up to a couple of hours.

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